MCAT exam Level 1 Mathematics 91027 Common Assessment Task Algebra Examination Date - Tuesday 17th of September 2019

This external examination is worth four credits.

 No calculators.

Students will have 60 minutes to complete the assessment.

NZQA will not allow students to have more than one assessment opportunity for this standard as it is an external.

Students who are absent on Tuesday 17th September for reasons beyond their control may be assessed on Thursday 19th September. NZQA will provide a different examination paper for this examination. 

Students will need to have appropriate documentation supporting their absence eg medical certificate.

NZQA will release results in January 2020 along with students other NCEA results.

After the results have been released the booklets will be made available to students who request them.

High quality practice examinations booklets can be ordered from this website

Attending a recent NCEA Review workshop I am sure some people/ students would like to have a summary of some of the key points covered. At this stage this is how things stand although there is still a large amount of designing that needs to go into the plans. Point Number 5 is very important:

1.       Fees removed

2.       Special Assessment Conditions (SAC) will be made available eg a Reader / Writer. The schools themselves will be able to grant the SAC

3.       New Achievement standards and assessment resources from Te Mautanga o Aotearoa to include full immersion schools

4.       No more cross crediting with achievement standards

5.       New external credits of 20 credits – 10 Literacy, 10 Numeracy – separate from other Literacy and Numeracy topics.  These 20 credits must be completed and can be sat from Yr 7 onwards. 

6.       Fewer, larger standards rather than a number of assessments.

7.       Can still integrate courses but fewer, larger standards.

8.       Removal of carry over credits

9.       Re-sits can only be Achieved or Not achieved.  Can only resit if not Achieved in first sitting.

10.   Develop Vocational Entrance (VE) Award which is Level 4 of qualifications.  To make it clearer to Industry providers.

11.   NCEA 1 will be optional but this will be within the school programme – school and student work with this. There is still lots of work needed with this about what it actually means.

The timeline includes:

NCEA1   2021 Trial     2022 Transition   2023 Fully implemented

NCEA2 2022 Trial       2023 Transition      2024 Fully implemented

NCEA3   2023 Trial     2024 Transition     2025 Fully implemented