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Eve Waddington- Tutor/ Maths extrodinaire

Welcome to the Team Eve

Alongside my university studies, I have worked extensively as a private tutor for 12+ years, working with students of all ages and abilities in a wide range of maths and statistics topics. I am a very friendly and patient tutor, and encourage my students to never feel shy about asking questions – there is no such thing as a silly question in maths! I’m always happy to go over material as many times as needed until a student feels like they have ‘got it’. 

My name is Eve and I’m excited to start working with Impact Tutoring as a maths and statistics tutor. I am proud to work with an organisation that shares the same values as myself about education.

I grew up in rural South Canterbury, and enjoyed mathematics from young age, particularly solving logic puzzles. However, most of my child and teen years were spent outdoors, riding my horses and competing in horse shows most weekends. It wasn’t until towards the end of high school that I started to take my maths study more seriously. I was lucky (and very surprised) to be selected as one of the six members of the NZ International Math Olympiad team in high school, which meant I got to travel around the world to maths competitions, including to Greece and Mexico. I even had a camera crew follow me around for a TV documentary about the NZ team!

Following high school, I moved to the USA to continue studying maths at Princeton University. I later completed further study at the University of Auckland, graduating with a BSc (Bachelor of Science) double-majoring in maths and psychology, an Honours degree in Psychology, and a MSc (Masters / Masters of Science) in Statistics. I now live in Ōtautahi / Christchurch, where I’m pursuing yet another degree – this time in law. It is definitely a big change to maths / statistics, but I’m finding it very interesting. I like how the material applicable to so many areas of life and future careers- whether you plan to work as a lawyer, or in another field entirely. 

Overall, I have a flexible tutoring style, where I adapt the way I tutor to what works best for a particular student. For example, sometimes a student might be strong in maths but simply lack confidence, so a focus in lessons is on helping them realise they do have the skills to do well in their exams. Other times, I might work with a student who is working above their age group and finding school a bit boring, in which case we might do extension work, such as preparing for maths competitions or working towards scholarship-level NCEA exams. With the covid lockdowns, I have moved to mostly tutoring online these past two years. 


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