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Swati Gulati - Junior Numeracy Tutor

Welcome to Swati

One of my greatest strengths as an educator is meeting each students’ unique needs by developing a personal understanding of each one of them. I ensure that all my students can grasp learning concepts and enhance their personal skills by providing hands-on manipulative learning and fun activities. I utilize these strategies to introduce new concepts, establish a connection between the classroom and everyday life, and foster an engaging learning atmosphere. Furthermore, I establish a good rapport with my students, and I let them feel I love teaching and being with them.

After following Jean for a long time on LinkedIn, I connected with her because I find her inspiring, working in different roles including a volunteer firefighter contributing to the community and helping children across New Zealand to work towards their dream and not letting financial and geographical challenges make them give up. This inspiration persuaded me to be part of the team.

I moved to New Zealand in February 2020, and recently completed a Master of Education (First Class Hons.) from the University of Waikato. I am a qualified Secondary Teacher from India, with 4 years of teaching work experience with a degree in Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Technology majoring in Electronics and Communication. This qualification provided me with a wealth of knowledge that has helped me to develop a sound understanding of the content which is crucial for teaching Science and Maths at secondary as well as primary school levels. I am thoroughly familiar with technology in various forms and can use it to deliver educational content most effectively. 


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