Hello, I am Jean McKenzie( B Ed) , Owner/ Operator/ Tutor of Impact Tutoring.

Formally  mathZwise Te Awamutu our highlight in 2015 included winning the ‘Excellence in Business’ Emerging Business Award at the Waipa District Business Awards.

We know that bonding and letting our students know we care about them is a precursor to effective learning and results.

At Impact Tutoring we see first-hand that once a student has gained self belief the results follow.

Our goal is to inspire, develop and educate our students in mathematics, literacy and all areas of tuition. We have highly organised, exciting programmes which offers your child the opportunity to improve or extend themselves in. We prepare them for new levels of learning targeting their needs. Our tuition programmes are based on the NZ Curriculum which is critical to matching up with what they are learning at school.

The maths tutoring programme is individual with a maximum of 1 to 2 ratio and is available for Primary, High School students and adults. Primary level provides your child with an hour lesson with chunks of learning including times tables, revision, problem solving and new strategy learning. Secondary level is flexible and allows us to meet the needs of the student according to what they are currently requiring at high school for both Internal and External assessments. We also work with adults who feel the need to rectify their Maths knowledge.

The Written language programme is for Primary aged students. Students write across a range of genres, especially Personal Recount, Narratives and Information reports. We place importance on structure, grammar, punctuation and specific writing features for each genre.

The Reading programme places a heavy emphasis on comprehension and the importance of this.  We place a strong emphasis on basics, understanding and motivated learning with all our Tuition topics.

Impact Tutoring allows myself the opportunity to meet two passions in life; Education and motivating children to believe in themselves! I have a Bachelor of Teaching with a Major in Professional Education. My thirty years of teaching include 4 years in the UK involved with the Numeracy project.

My team of Tutors are equally as educated and dedicated, we have both Primary and Secondary Tutors all of which bring an exceptional level of knowledge to their tutoring providing students with resources and teaching to increase confidence and understanding.

The result is children and adults who are set up for life long success. Enrol at Impact Tutoring now!

Jean McKenzie (B Ed)

Phone: 07 872 8171
Mobile: 021 133 5161
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Impact Education Hub, 89 Market St, Te Awamutu.

Because you Count!